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Winter-Proofing Your Windows and Doors

Drafty windows and doors can leave you less than enthused for the coming winter months. After all, Edmonton isn’t exactly known for its mild weather. Wondering what to do about it? Here are a few suggestions that will help keep you cozy and warm when temperatures begin to drop.

Repair Damage First

Take some time before the first frost hits to examine your windows and doors. Are there cracks in the glass? Are the frames in good condition? Is everything airtight? If not, making needed repairs now can ensure a much warmer temperature in your home when the weather starts to get nippy.

Caulking and Weather Stripping
Both the interior and exterior of windows and doors can be caulked to improve insulating capacity. Weather stripping may also be applied to the sashes around windows. These products are inexpensive and easy to apply, even if you aren’t a home renovation expert. However, if you’re uncomfortable taking a DIY approach and are located in Edmonton, Ultimate Renovations would be happy to do the work for you.

Door Snakes
It may seem an antiquated tradition, but a door snake placed under a drafty door can make a difference to how much cold winter air slips into your home. If you’re crafty you can make one yourself, though cheap and stylish door snakes can also be bought online or at craft fairs.

Window Film
Insulating window film is an inexpensive product that can be picked up at most hardware stores and is easy to apply. It has an adhesive backing that allows you to simply place it directly on the glass. While not a perfect solution, it does help reduce drafts.

Curtains and Other Window Treatments
Placing thick, heavy curtains around windows or behind glass doors is another way to reduce the amount of cold air travelling into your home. Another option for windows are honeycomb shades. Folds of fabric sewn to the back form pockets that trap cold air and prevent it from entering your living space.

New Windows and Doors
If you’re due for new windows or doors, installing them before winter begins is the best way to ensure the cold doesn’t creep into your home. Choose double- or even triple-paned glass for the best insulating properties.

The Exterior Renovation Specialists that Edmonton Trusts
Need to repair or replace your windows or doors? If so, the team at Ultimate Renovations is equipped to help you with all manner of exterior home renovations in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Over the last 30 years we’ve developed a reputation for providing excellent workmanship and terrific service. Get in touch today for a free estimate on renovation work.

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