Exterior home painting in Edmonton Alberta

Is Painting the Exterior of Your Home the Right Choice?

Insight from the Pros in Exterior Home Renovations in Edmonton
Paint plays a significant role in the appearance of your home. A fresh coat of paint can take a house from outdated to extraordinary – and all within just a few days.

Paint is one of the most cost-effective exterior renovations you can do to your home, and it quickly transforms any exterior into something inviting. Likewise, it can increase curb appeal and home value.

If your home’s paint is peeling, outdated, or you want a new colour palette, hiring the right contractor is essential. You must also choose the right time of the year and consider other exterior upgrades you need to complete the job.

When and How to Paint Your Home’s Exterior Right the First Time
While it is an investment, painting your home’s exterior is by far one of the smarter ones. When you upgrade windows, doors, and siding, you have an opportunity to make your home look brand new.

Here is how you can ensure you paint your exterior the right way:

  • Pick the right time of the year: While it is true you can paint year-round, an experienced contractor will tell you that warm weather is best. When temperatures drop too low at night, it affects how the paint applies to your exterior. Holding off until summer (May through September) is the best time.
  • Avoid Rainy Weather: Rain can appear at any time in Edmonton, but if the exterior of your home is still moist from winter or waterlogged from a rainy stretch, the paint will not dry properly. A knowledgeable contractor will check your home’s exterior for moisture and wait to apply paint when the vinyl, stucco, or other exterior surface is dry enough.
  • Consider Windows and Doors Too: While you upgrade the paint on your exterior, do not overlook the potential with your doors and windows. Windows and doors that are single pane and lacking insulation cost you more throughout the year when it comes to heating and cooling. By upgrading them along with a fresh coat of paint, you transform your home thoroughly, and help save yourself energy costs in the long run.
  • Do Not Overlook Eavestrough, Soffits, and Fascia: While the siding or stucco paints well, consider how old your eavestrough, soffits, and fascia are before you paint. Upgrading them to aluminum with an already baked-on enamel finish gives your home a clean, updated look too.
  • Add Stone Siding: Consider adding a panel of stone siding to accent a walkway or around the garage. If you already have old siding that needs replacement, upgrading with stone can improve your home’s value and accentuate the paint you choose for the rest of your home.

Start Your Exterior Home Renovations in Edmonton with the Right Contractor
Whether you want to paint or upgrade your windows and doors in Edmonton, it all comes down to the quality of the contractor you pick. Some contractors will paint year-round, but a contractor that has you wait for optimal temperatures wants your work to last for decades.

The team at Ultimate Renovations is more than happy to help you decide if now is the right time to paint and explore your options, so you can transform your home’s exterior and get an instant boost in curb appeal.

To get started on your exterior home makeover, contact us today at 780-430-6441 for a no-obligation quote or contact us online with questions about our painting services.

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