Exterior home painting in Stucco

Exploring the Benefits of Stucco

Is Exterior Stone Right for Your Edmonton Home?

When updating the exterior of your house, you have a few options to consider, including stucco.
Stucco provides numerous advantages for homeowners, but also a few drawbacks. Therefore, like any investment, you want to ensure it is the right one for your home’s look, area, and renovation budget.

What Are the Benefits of Using Stucco Exteriors?

Stucco siding is made from Portland cement, lime, sand, and water. A contractor applies it in several coats over a lath base. Once finished, stucco gives your home a durable, seamless exterior.

Some benefits of using stucco over other types of siding include:

  • Reduced sound: Stucco might reduce sound transmission. Therefore, if you live in a high traffic area, you will hear less noise with a stucco siding exterior. 
  • Flame Retardant: Due to the materials used to create it, stucco is naturally flame retardant. 
  • Resistant to Moisture Damage: Unlike other exterior surfaces, stucco can resist mildew, dry rot, and mould, which is helpful if you live in a high-moisture area.
  • Energy Efficient Shell: Stucco works like a shell, and if your exterior has stucco siding, it will require less energy to cool in the winter and heat up in the summer. It does not allow air exchange, and it insulates the interior to help maintain comfortable temperatures.
  • Smart Home Investment: Stucco, when maintained properly, can last your home upwards of 50 years; therefore, it is an investment that certainly pays for itself. It is also easy to maintain, and sturdy enough to handle washing.
  • Aesthetically Appealing: Stucco looks great when it is done. It has a solid, smooth surface and you can pick a variety of colours to complete your exterior’s look. Furthermore, you can have designs made into the coating for something unique.
  • Quick and Easy to Install: Each coat must dry before the next application, but your contractor can install siding in one to two days. It can apply over concrete masonry and wood frame, which makes it hassle-free for installation too. 
  • Paintable: If you decide later that you do not like the colour of your stucco, you can paint it with ease.

While there are advantages, stucco is a significant upfront investment. Another point to note is that extremely rainy areas may prove to be too much for stucco. While stucco works in humid environments, like coastal areas, it can expand and contract too much and eventually crack in areas of intense rain. Also, if you have any settling or shifting in your foundation, your stucco is not going to ‘give’ like vinyl; therefore, you may experience more exterior cracks. For homes in the Edmonton area, these issues are not usually a problem.

Upgrade Your Home by Using Quality Stucco Contractors in Edmonton
Whether you are upgrading or building a new home, stucco can be an excellent investment. Explore your options with stucco by speaking with the team at Ultimate Renovations. We offer stucco repairs, installations, and renovations, and we can help you decide whether stucco is the right choice for your home’s needs.

To get started, contact us today at 780-430-6441 for a no-obligation quote or contact us online with your questions about stucco exteriors.

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