Exterior home painting in Edmonton Alberta

Can You Paint the Vinyl Siding on Your Edmonton Home?

Whether you bought a home with vinyl siding that you do not like, or you changed your mind over the years and want to freshen up the exterior of your home, one question on your mind is whether you can paint your exterior siding.

In a short answer, yes you can. Vinyl siding paints well, and in some cases, a fresh coat of paint might improve its durability. However, before you call a painter or pick out swatches, consider a few aspects first.

Facts Siding Contractors in Edmonton Want You to Know about Painting Your Home’s Exterior
Yes, you can paint vinyl siding. However, there is more to it than that. First, you must consider the following to determine whether or not it is worth painting your home’s exterior:

  • Age of the existing siding: The most important question comes from the age of the siding itself. In general, vinyl siding lasts a home for 20 to 40 years, and when cared for properly, possibly more. If the siding on the house is older than this, it might be better to spend your money replacing the siding with the exterior colour you want. 
  • Condition of the Siding: The siding might be newer, but what is its condition? If the siding is warped, aged, or showing signs of wear, you may want to repair the siding first. You might not need to replace all of the siding, but having a contractor inspect the existing siding and doing a partial replacement is best done before covering with a coat of paint.
  • How Long the Paint Buys You: Paint can strengthen the lifespan of your vinyl siding; therefore, it is a good option for updating your home and a worthy investment. Paint on your siding lasts typically 20 years, and most contractors recommend painting to get those years out of your siding.
  • How Much Does It Cost: Painting the exterior of your home, or the siding alone, will involve some expense. However, it typically costs less than installing new vinyl, which is why it is the preferred update. The cost depends on how many square feet of vinyl you have and the paint colour you want. If you are going from dark to light, you may require more primer than a customer freshening up paint already in place. To get an accurate cost, speak with a trusted local siding contractor in the Edmonton area.

Upgrade, Paint, or Replace Your Home’s Siding Today
While painting is an excellent way to update the exterior of your home, you want a professional to do the job. Not only will it ensure the right paint is used, but using the right siding contractor ensures you are not renovating vinyl that needs replacement.

The team at Ultimate Renovations can install, replace, and paint your home’s siding to give you that clean, refreshed look you have always wanted.

To explore your options, contact us today at 780-430-6441 for a no-obligation quote or contact us online with your questions about our siding services.

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